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Monday, November 15, 2010

FINDING OUT THE EFFECT OF WIND VECTOR ON UAV:- How much it effect the movement of uav if neglected on small scale


Drag is the resistance to motion of an aircraft flying through the air generated by a combination of pressure and friction. This resistance is overcome by the engines.
Modern civil aircraft are designed to minimise drag in order to reduce the environmental and economic costs of flying. By reducing drag, the amount of power needed from the engines is lessened and as a result the amount of fuel required is also reduced. Less fuel means a lower environmental impact and lower costs for the airline.
Aircraft manufacturers can reduce drag in a number of ways – be it with a subtle change in geometry like adding a winglet or a more substantial change of configuration like changing the shape of the wings or repositioning the engines.

The Role of Wind Tunnels

Wind tunnels play a crucial role in the design of modern, greener aircraft. Improvements to aircraft designs are initially made using computer models. But even the most powerful of today’s computers cannot generate a perfect simulation of the air flowing around a complete aircraft. So when a design is sufficiently advanced, it is tested in a wind tunnel to check that the computer predictions are correct and that the designers have correctly understood what is happening to the air as it flows around the aircraft model.


In mine project when i use to talk about the wind vector i think its a useless thing for mine project.As its a fact that it play a important role in determining the aerodynamical model of the plane through which the consumption of the fuel can be reduced to much extent.

But as far as i am concern regarding mine project,when we are using the pre-prepared aeromodel for our project it is useless to find out the drag force or wind vector that has been applied on the aircraft.Infact finding out the wind vector is also important in determining the inclination of the aeromodel with respect to the earth inertial frame of reference if the wind vector is caliberated with gps output.

But when we have sensors like ACCELEROMETER and GYROSCOPE to determining the inclination of  aeromodel with respect to the earth inertial frame than i think we need not to bother much about determining wind vector( Thats an easy approach) using complicated functions

well its what all ii think.well in the next post i had got something to determine the inclination of any inertial frame with respect to earth inertial frame with and without using the KALMAAN filter.