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Wednesday, November 3, 2010



BY:-Shailendra singh, CEST, Lucknow
Under the guidance of   Dr Priya Ranjan,     Ex Assistant Prof., IITK

AIM:-To construct an ARMATURE UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle), for surveillance at small level and have an auto-pilot flight for the desired mission various other works.

An Aero-model with a auto-pilot kit that will be made by me. Presently working on its PCB layout. Kit will include:-
1) At-mega128
2) Gps
3) Gyroscope
4) Xyz horizon sensor or accelerometer
5) pitot tube
6) Camera and zigbee-pro.
7) Compass (for direction).
8) A software to track wave point on our system (integrating Google earth with gps)

Kit will be programmed with win-avr programmer using embedded C programming language. Project will be carried out in 4 steps.
1)       Developing the electronics using eagle-pro pcb layout development software.
2)       Developing the programming needed for auto-pilot mode.
3)       Testing the programming during flight only.
4)       Developing the programming for auto Take off and landing.

1)First of all the microprocessor at-mega- 128 will be programmed for the pre-installed gps  coordinates taken with the help of Google earth for the particular mission.
2) When the aero-model will fly and present time coordinates of the  gps satellite instrument will meet with pre-installed coordinates, particular line of code will be executed will give direction to the aero-model to the next coordinate.
3) For the particular angle of bank and drift angle, the aero-model will reach the second coordinate and the stability of the flight will be ensured with the help of gyroscope and xyz horizon sensor combination or gyroscope or accelerometer combination.
4) Aero-model will send the video taken during the flight will the help of Zig-bee pro wireless module. The camera installed in the aero-model will move 2-dimensionally.

During working on the theory of this project it was found that the basis of any auto-pilot system is GPS.It is the GPS which give the exact location of the position of the system with a very little bit of error unlike DEAD REKNOCKING SYSTEM.
Also the use of Accelerometer along with Gyroscope for the stability of the airframe is found.

Our aim behind this project is to enhance our knowledge in ROBOTICS AND AEROMODELLING and to learn the technical skills and how to implement them in our practical life beside lab practicals.
Our aim is to built a fully ARMY purpose PRE-PROGRAMMED/MANUALLY controlled SPY aircraft that also has the ability to strike in the enemy territory
Presently India is spending about 1180 crore rupees in importing UAV’s from Israel and America, but
India doesn’t have the complete technology or may be have like LAKSHYA (developed by HAL). But we are introducing very new not very precise but basic concept with less investment.

1)It will be not be made on industrial scale and will be a research cum project cum hobby.
2)It is not powered by a jet or a reciprocating engine.
3)Low speed.
4)Range of operation is less.
5)Cannot carry more weight.
6)Camera resolution and accuracy is less.
Many new applications can be added to it in the futre to make it more advance and accurate

Watching the news of KARGIL war in T.V. make me to think that when we have one of the best institutes and brains with us than why we are using man power in wars. At that time a point strikes in my mind that why not we make a small aero-model that too have the capability of spy as well as striker in it.
Infact India has got UAV’s but we are just implementing our technology at very basic and small level.
A movie named as “EAGLE EYE” is also my source of inspiration. This movie shows the basic use of UAV as a spy and striker.
So this model can be used in the following cases if integrated on a little bit large scale using bigger airframe and more efficient reciprocating engine to increase its payload:-
1) Remote sensing
2) Transport
3) Scientific research
4) Armed attacks
5) Search and rescue
6)Aerobatics using networking between two or more UAVS

Project has been approved by one of the Assistant professor of IIT Dr. Priya Ranjan
And my college faculty member Mr.Avinash Pal .I has also got approval from mine college MD Mr. Abhishek Pal to put it in reality. And I am presently working to prepare the general PID loops equations. Have made he general PCB layout of the Kit which we are going to make on our own.