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Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Ninja technique for concentration - Some Gyan

                          Self trained imaginary ninja warrior technique for your self concentration 

Just some more gyan session, although i am not a philosopher and neither i want to be nor i am a psychologist treating any of the patients, but i think this technique of mine can be useful for many of the people like me who always lack concentration.   

Just some time back i was talking to one of my friend who is passing through a bad phase of breakup and really when someone is really into a relationship, it effect him/her, what ever other say. No one can feel the same what that guy feel and you bloody can't do apart from doing the same gyan session on how things work in this world, keep on moving, things will work out blah..blah..blah and you know that the other guy don't give a shit about what you are saying because deep down he/she is in ocean of grief.

Suddenly a point came to my mind. I generally use this to just cut off some unexpected or unwelcomed thoughts who always find a way to my mind whereever i am  and i  cannot do anything but i want them to stop. So here is what i did to make them stop running my concentration.  

I build up two imaginary friend of mine in my mind. 2 trained "Ninja's"(for me cartoon character will work, i don't want the real one....). Movies which i had seen, they are the best fighters and they have best concentration powers. So i trained them and when ever i feel that some unwanted thought is coming to my mind and i am unable to control it and seek help, i ask for help and the very next second they are there with their swords, cutting the thought into pieces and flushing it out of my mind and i really find it useful and effective.

And i told the same concept to my friend and i hope that i would help my friend alos and then i thought of putting this up in my blog. Idea worth sharing....