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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Its' not being different by nature, its your passion towards a goal which make you different.

Young Entrepreneur

What does it take to be a be passionate about what you think?
Well its a big question to be asked and i think i might not be the best person to answer that of my experience, but lets me try. When you say you are passionate, that means you love the thing which you want to do, some people say that you are becoming "romantic" with what you want to do and not becoming realistic. I find them to be true upto some extent. Now upto some extent means, being in romance with what you want to do give you more confidence in what you are doing and you don't see  other things that are going to be effected by your romance, and that make you different from others. "A beautiful mind" a movie on Nobel prize winner JOHN NASH, describe the what it take to be in love with what you want to do in your life. It always have it pros and cons. Although till the very last stage you might not get the pros of loving what you do, but you will always face cons from the very starting but what you get in the last make you different. Not much people are able to do that and of-course there are conditions around you which not let you do so. There is no body to blame around. 

Now question is why the hell is my post heading is YOUNG ENTREPRENEUR and what is the necessity of all that philosophy which i had written above and what is the relationship between the 2. Well there is a relationship between two. Well everybody around here cannot become John Nash or Albert Einstein  or Bill Gates or Steve Jobs as there need to be diversity in the society( well it can be said as bloody excuse though ). "October Sky" a inspirational movie  which show how much struggle you need to put to do things differently from the very early stage. So here is where my article topic is justified. Being a young entrepreneur means a lot of trouble in the early stage of life. Lets take a example around you and ofcourse i am not talking about "nerds", i am just taking a example of a common boy having a average IQ and what will make him different will be his passion. 

Now take a example, you are a very common person, belonging to a average grade group in college or even not in college. You had a family around you and you got all the expectations roaming around you which are continually stopping you to fly, fly high in the sky , chasing a dream of doing something different. You don't have anyone around you to guide you what to do and what to not, you just want to do be different. Now this point of being different make you choose a option infront of you. You choose that option and then being in that field you develop a idea  and that is nature of your's and start working to achieve you goal, not thinking where it will lead you, not thinking what it is giving you in return. Now those person who will follow this path will definitely reach a point where they will feel themselves to be different. Well ofcourse in the meantime you might have missed many things, your girlfriend might have left you , your parents expectation might have been broken. That will take a lot of courage to do the same and that is what i missed. 

Looking back in my past, i become greedy. I wanted to take everything with me and that's not possible in reality and that is why i said it is difficult to be romantic with what you want to do until and unless all the others things around you are being taken care of  or unless you are not a born nerd. 

So my advice to my fellow "YOUNG ENTREPRENEUR" is that , the path you had taken might be a bit difficult, you might have to face a lot of people and their sayings, you might not be that lucky that your girlfriend will support you, you might have to listen too much scarce comments from your parent's like you cannot do that, it's not that easy to do so (yes ofcourse it's not that easy to be a YOUNG ENTREPRENEUR, but it's what i want to do, let me take a decision for my life and i will take care of the rest), you might have to face your inner dignity many time that what the hell you are doing, you had got some responsibilities towards your parents, but believe me my friend, just give a try and not try, just give your full for the one time and you will see the result , you will feel that you are different from others. There is a possibility that people around you might not identify you as a different person and you might fail, but the confidence you will fell will be immense and beyond description. 

Again there are lots of pros and cons related to this action of being in romance with what you are doing and becoming "romanceliastic". The later will make you feel safe while taking risk, but what will be the meaning and benifit of taking a risk when you are being safe on the other hand.