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Friday, January 28, 2011

So started working with mine GYROSCOPE,and printing its value on LCD.

So one more step closer to mine project,well still very far behind.
well i am using LY510AH ±100 °/ Second, ±400 °/ Second Analog Yaw-Rate Gyroscope Module for my AMATEUR UAV.
LY510AH is a single axis Yaw rate gyroscope module which gives maximum sensing range
of ±100 degrees per second and ±400 degrees per second. It gives normal and 4 times
amplified Yaw rate output. Board has all the necessary components required for the chip.
Board made up of high quality silver plated double sided PCB for giving extra strength to the
connectors. Possible applications of this board includes inertial navigation, GPS navigation,
motion tracking, industrial and robotics, pointing devices, remote and game controllers,
motion control with user interface etc.
• Analog Absolute angular-rate output at ±100 °/ sec and ±400 °/ sec
• Two separates outputs(1X and 4X amplified )
• Internally buffered to ensure low output impedance on output signals.
• Embedded Self-Test, which allows testing electrical and mechanical parts of the sensor
• High stability over temperature
• High shock and vibration survivability
• High quality silver plated double sided PCB for giving extra strength to the connectors
• Supply voltage (Vdd): 2.7V to 3.6V, 5mA
• Sensitivity on the yaw-rate output pin 4xOUTZ (4 times amplified output): 10 mV/
degrees/ sec (±100 degree / sec)
• Sensitivity on the yaw-rate output pin OUTZ: 2.5 mV/ degree /sec (±400 degree / sec)
• Steady state position output: OUTZ : 1.23V (±10%)
4xOUTZ : 1.23V (±10%)
• Bandwidth: 140Hz.
• Self-Test checking for checking chip functionality
• Power-down option

well i am still working on converting that ADC value into corresponding mv degree /sec value.
and after that the next step will be taking the X,Y,Z acelerometer value on LCD and then combining both these value with a algo to get the accurate elivation of the KIT with respect to the earth.